Sharing photos of students that just got their license - What’s the deal with GDPR?

12 November 2018

Are you violating the law?

Does your driving school add pictures of students to your website or social media when they make good progress or have taken their license exam? We have noticed that more and more driving schools put up images of happy students in order to showcase progress in their education.

Of course, it's a great thing to have happy, successful students and you should be proud of it. But you may be violating GDPR (the new data protection regulation that replaced the previous data privacy legislations on 25th May 2018) by sharing pictures.

So what do you need to do to ensure compliance with GDPR?

When Before GPDR was enforced you could publish images of your students because it was classified as "unstructured data". That is no longer the case with GDPR. To be compliant with GDPR, you need to have a legal basis for publishing images of your students on websites and social media.

If you want to publish an image, video, or article about a student at your school, you’re legally obliged to follow certain procedures. This is because under GDPR, images, videos and texts are classified as personal information.

You need a legal basis for putting up pictures of your students or sharing personal information, even if it’s just their names. It’s recommended you get their consent.

"...Our students like to have photos of them posted on social media channels such as Facebook which requires us, as a business to manage it in the right way. Thanks to Konsento we can!”

What’s best practice to get consent?

When students enroll in your class, they consent to you using images and info about them for advertising purposes. By getting that consent, you’re on the safe side and protected from GDPR violation.

This is easy, fast and securely done with Konsento.

Remember, GDPR isn’t bad. GDPR exists to strengthen the individual's right to information about how their personal data is handled and to strengthen the person's right for privacy.

How can Konsento help you solve GDPR compliance?

Konsento makes it easy to establish consent digitally with your students in order to ensure that you can publish images or information with a legal basis. By establishing this consent with the student as soon as you begin collecting personal information both you and the student know the deal right from the start. This boosts credibility and supports transparency.

If you want to read more about GDPR, we recommend our other blog posts and checking out your local data privacy authority website.

Use Konsento to eliminate the risk for complications between you and your students!

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