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Your handbook that guides you to be GDPR compliant

Ensure you're compliant with our GDPR guide that is designed to fit your needs and increase your understanding. GDPR doesn't get simpler than this

Don't start your GDPR work by contacting a GDPR specialist, instead use our guide which helps you do most of the work yourself - then, if needed contact a specialist - saving you time and money.

Analyse & Inform

You need to identify what data you hold, why you have it and inform your customers and members about what you do with their personal information. All of this is covered in the guide.


You must always have a lawful basis for processing personal information. The most useful ones for you are legitimate interest, agreement and consent.


Ensure GDPR compliance by keeping track of your consents and Data Subject Access Requests

Get the job done.

Konsento gives you the peace of mind you need to focus on what really matters - running your own business or club.

Privacy Notice

Create a privacy notice with a click of a button using our template. Embed it on your website, on your forms or anywhere you capture personal information.

Subject Access Request Portal

Making it easy to comply to individuals that exercise their rights under GDPR using a hosted Data Subject Access Request form. All requests are managed in the ticket database and you are automatically notifed to help you respond within 30days.

"We created Konsento because we believe that managing consents and GDPR should be easy for anyone to do, either via API or using our web portal. We have more than 30 years experience from the financial industry so if you have strict security requirements, we can deploy Konsento in your own private cloud."
Fredrik Burman


Just contact us via the chat or send us an email to sales@konsento.io to kickstart your GDPR compliance.

Konsento Starter

€49 Per Month, +VAT, paid annually.
  • 1 admin user
  • 1 Privacy & cookie notices
  • Unlimited Consent Agreements
  • Subject Access Requests Form
  • GDPR Handbook and templates
  • Report Export
  • Email notifications
  • Email & Chat support during office hours
  • API Access
  • Your Corporate Branding
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Konsento Essential

€119 Per Month +VAT, paid annually. Most Popular
  • Starter+
  • 5 admin users
  • Unlimited Privacy & cookie notices
  • Unlimited Consent Agreements
  • Branded Subject Access Requests Form
  • GDPR Handbook and templates
  • Your Corporate Branding
  • Emails from your domain
  • Email & Chat support during office hours
  • API Access
  • Granular Access Permissions
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Konsento Enterprise

€399 Per Month +VAT, paid annually.
  • Essential+
  • 20 admin users
  • Manage multiple business entities using granular access permissions
  • Prioritized support
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We also have a plan for non-profits and sports clubs that costs €9/month, contact us to get the details.

Need a custom solution?
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“We educate several hundred students per year and we want our communication with the students to be as effective and clear as possible. With GDPR we needed to adjust how we manage personal information in our business.

Thanks to Konsento we can manage consent from our customers in a quick and easy way. We no longer have to handle wrinkled paper forms and our customers can easily give their consent through Konsento's cloud based service with digital agreements.

Our students like to have photos of them posted on social media channels such as Facebook which requires us, as a business to manage it in the right way. Thanks to Konsento we can!”
Lantz trafikskola i Helsingborg och Höganäs
(Driving school in Sweden)

Easy, fast, secure and 100% digital

GDPR compliance - the easy way

Konsento makes it easy for you to comply with the increased requirements for consent. It's easy to use for anyone and quick to set up.

Send out consent invitations by e-mail and collect consents directly from e-mail or a user friendly, branded consent page.

Give your users or customers control over how you use their personal data by adding granular consent options.

Define for how long a consent is valid and keep your consents up to date by getting automatic notifications when they are about to expire.

By adding your own custom meta data to each consent, you can effectively search and filter using our API or our web portal.

Continue using the tools you love. Konsento is integrated with Hubspot, enabling you to build dynamic contact lists based on the status of individual consents.

Collect subject requests using your own hosted form, track their progress, collaborate and att notes - making it easy to respond within the 30 day time limit.

Cloud based web portal or programatic API,
what suits you best?

Use Konsento as your consent repository and integrate it into your apps.

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Or send us an email to sales@konsento.io