Actionable GDPR handbook for your association

07 November 2017

GDPR and your association - We have created an actionable guide that you can use to kickstart your GDPR compliance

To be engaged in an association on a volunteer basis should be fun, motivating and rewarding. Working with regulatory compliance usually falls in the category "I hope someone else does it".

Do you feel that there is a lot of talk about GDPR and that business, sports clubs, associations and non-profits face a lot of challenges?

Well that is because newspapers and blogs play on peoples fear and the fact that they dont know all that much about GDPR. But when you break down GDPR into actionable tasks you quickly realise that it isn't all too difficult.

But where can I find these actionable steps that I need to do?

We have seen that there is a lot of information about GDPR, that you should do this and that on a broader level - but not very much is actionable and easy to get started with.

Konsento therefore created an actionable GDPR handbook that helps your association / sports club to prepare for GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation.

Records of personal data processing activities

Woah - that sounds terribly difficult. Don't worry we will explain what it is. The GDPR states that you need to create this list if:

  • Your business or association have more than 250 individuals or if the processing of data is not performed on a regular basis.

All clubs and associations will therefore need to create and maintain these records in a digital form and be able to produce them upon request to the authorities.

You can easily create and maintain these records using Konsento, who also gives you automated routines to keep these records up to date.

Who is this actionable GDPR guide for?

The guide / handbook is created for associations, sports clubs and other volunteer organisations but can also be used for small businesses.

When should we start our GDPR compliance work?

Are there any reasons to wait?

GDPR has been created to strengthen the individuals right to personal integrity - which is something that all associations and clubs should think is a great thing. We belive that you should already be working according to the GDPR principles, and if you already do so reaching GDPR will be easy.

Cool, where can I find my handbook?

Easy! Just click on this link and follow the instructions, and we will send it to you right away!

We might contact you after your download to check in and see if Konsento can help you and your association to protect your members right to personal integrity

GDPR - in reality

That why we tought we could help you and your association with the practical work. Do you know about Trello ( It's an online collaboration tool that we and many others use on a daily basis.

Trello is available as both free and paid versions (free is more than enough) and makes it possible for you club / association to collaborate in an easier way. We have created a Trello board that contains many of the activities and can be used together with the actionable GDPR handbook to make your work with regulatory compliance a lot easier and more fun. You will find the links to the Trello board in the handbook.

I hope you found this useful and good luck with your GDPR work

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